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Escrito por: Francisco Javier Roldán Velásquez (@PaisdelSaber)

Technology / infrastructure that is essential / critical in usage contexts or for our LL operations.

1. For the Living Lab 'Antioquia, Departamento del Conocimiento' is important to have 'technological methodologies for groups management' to achieve effective multi-sectoral coordination among various actors in the Institutional Network of Antioquia, which ensures the success and effectiveness of the Living Lab.

2. Fiber optic connectivity and wireless connectivity in the 125 municipalities in the Department of Antioquia.

3. New Broadband technologies, with more bandwidth, and mobile connectivity, that becomes available on the market, so we're always on the cutting edge and timely data that would lead to a breakthrough and continuous growth model, along with ICT development, which depends on market conditions, business model, and both want to remain competitive in the market with operators and providers of ICT products and services for the Living Lab.

4. Massification of PCs and software throughout the Department of Antioquia with connectivity for the widest possible coverage in the nine (9) subregions, generating greater access to information and knowledge via the Internet.

5. It requires privilege the use of free software in all areas of ICT application.

6. The Living Lab model, will should encourage providers to sell mobile phone equipment at prices to achieve comprehensive coverage of services in a win - win for operators and end consumers, for which, it is essential Digital Literacy much more intensive in the whole population, to unleash a dynamic of greater consumption of goods and services of ICT across the region.

7. Similarly it should design a good model of awareness for the proper appropriation of Science, Technology and Innovation (ST + I), trough intensive, productive, innovative and efficient ICT use, as an instrument of Open and Collaborative Innovation.

Our LL’s status and plans when it comes to our LL business model and financial sustainability. Currently, the Living Lab 'Antioquia, Departamento del Conocimiento' is in the development of the partnership agreement between the Country of Knowledge Foundation and the Government of Antioquia in the first phase for studies and socialization of 'Antioquia, Department of Knowledge'; the second phase includes the implementation, by implementing an action plan proposed, as a result of studies of the first phase, which is concluded and approved by the Technical Committee with the support of the Scientific Council. Each of the actors is administratively and financially autonomous and they all have financial sustainability (see financial reports and budget plans on websites of the Institutional Network Antioquia).

However, to finance the various strategies, programs, projects and activities, it will provide a common fund with resources from the 'Institutional Network of Antioquia', contributions from the Government Department and the 125 municipalities of Antioquia, also will receive national resources according with the National Development Plan 2010 - 2014, as well as the various national entities such as Ministries and Colciencias, among others. Similarly, from the Social Responsibility of Business, Banking, companies and national and international organizations, and the same from national and international cooperation.

Experience and capability that our Living Lab has, when it comes to international networking. Our Living Lab is meeting the National Policy Digital Territories, with the 125 municipalities in 9 subregions. Our own strategy is in structuring and implementing the Department of Antioquia as a Territory of Knowledge with 9 subregions. In the case of Medellin, it combines strategies of Digital City, Smart City and / or Ubiquitous and International City of Knowledge.

Various provincial government institutions and universities, as well as organizations and companies in the 'Institutional Network  of Antioquia Department', have a rich experience of collaborative work in international networks in a number of major projects (see the various web sites in the 'Institutional Network of Antioquia') and are coordinated through the International Cooperation Agency - ACI.

Likewise, the Country Knowledge Foundation, has its European partners who are constantly working with issues of Living Labs, Territories of Knowledge and Open Innovation: View some videos.

Our LL’s most “labour-intensive” activities and persons (full-time equivalents) that are working for our LL. The main activities outlined in the Living Lab are:

  1. Inter-agency coordination,
  2. Strategic Planning of Knowledge Territory,
  3. Research and Development,
  4. Literacy, education and training in ICT and Science, Technology and Innovation,
  5. Management of National and International Cooperation,
  6. Financial sustainability management model with the central government, businesses, unions, universities, research centers, technology parks and national and international organizations,
  7. Implementing plans, policies, programs, projects and activities related to Information  and Communications Technologies (ICT), Science, Technology and Innovation (ST+I), the generation and sustainability of entrepreneurship and the strengthening of Entrepreneurship,
  8. Promoting regional, national and international Living Lab model,
  9. Media Management.

View more at: Living Lab Activities.

The model of the Living Lab 'AntioquiaDeptodelConocimientoLL' is participatory and integrated between the different actors in the 'Institutional Network of Antioquia', with a systemic, holistic and integrated through a collaborative scheme Networking, where each institution, organization, company, union or NGOs, have budget and financial autonomy and is being defining the organizational model to ensure its functionality, where they will consult how many people do we need, about their roles and how many are full-time in the implementation of Antioquia Department of Knowledge, in an open and flexible organizational model, as proposed for the Living Lab. View in detail in: Main entities of the Living Lab

However, independent of the above, in the first phase of study and socialization of the 'Antioquia, Department of Knowledge' Living Lab, it has a staff including: See more.

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