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Escrito por: Francisco Javier Roldán Velásquez (@PaisdelSaber)

The most important assets, values and services being exchanged and/or generated within our LL. In our Territory of Knowledge Living Lab, assets, securities and services that are interchange or are created within their context, are those that are generated in each of the entities and institutions, associations, businesses, educational institutions, research centers, technology parks and civic organizations, among others. In that vein, the Living Lab 'AntioquiaDeptodelConocimientoLL' these products, values and services that are exchanged or generated, are those made by various actors in the Institutional Network of Antioquia, in pursuance of its objects and their functions.

Assets/values/services that ‘AntioquiaDeptodelConocimientoLL’ actors offer/provide to our LL. All the actors, offer and provide their products, values and services to the Living Lab and vice versa. It is a cyclical process. The actors of 'Antioquia Departamento del Conocimiento' Living Lab are able to better enhance their marketing mechanisms, since the Living Lab is a scenario that integrates all the key players of the Company, and through the union of all in 'Antioquia, Department of Knowledge', there is only one win - win.


Assets/values/services that ‘Antioquia Departamento del Conocimiento’ offers/provides to our LL actors (including the users). The actors in the Living Lab, as mentioned above, receive all the benefits of the products, values and services that are generated in the same Living Lab, such as: use of technology platforms, studies, research, promotion, marketing, training, training, business roundtable, among others. You can appreciate in more detail in various videos and links to web sites of Institutional Network of Antioquia, among others, that we presented before, in expanding the information in the preceding paragraph.

Assets/values that are collaboratively generated (co-created) in our LL. Much is being doing with all actors of society in the Department of Antioquia, through actions and projects of different actors in the Institutional Network of Antioquia. At the Living Lab, in generating synergies of skills, knowledges, and capabilities are achieved many results in networking, allowing joint development of a number of products, value and service. At the starting a participatory dynamics, unprecedented in Latin America and maybe in the world, as we are proposing, we must all think that anything is possible in Medellín and Antioquia.

Parts of a full product/service life-cycle that our LL supports. If we consider that a "life cycle" complete, that is composed by idea, concept, design, development, testing, use, support, maintenance and termination of the product or service, we think that basically the Living Lab 'AntioquiaDeptodelConocimientoLL' develops all of them and for that made a Departmental Policy of knowledge Management Plan, a comprehensive organizational model,  and strategic planning for mission accomplishment, which is the implementation and consolidation of Antioquia as a knowledge Territory.

However, for such a heterogeneous diversity of the different actors of the Institutional Network of the Department of Antioquia, it setting up itself an amalgam of all 'life cycles' of many products and services, related to ICT, with the technological innovation that occurs in every industry present in the department and the provision of all possible public services and customer care and / or citizen.

Similarly, the Living Lab 'AntioquiaDeptodelConocimientoLL' will be constantly innovating and creating solutions for products and services (all in the Department of Antioquia may occur), in relation to ICT, appropriation of Science, Technology and Innovation -ST+I, Enterprise Generation, Entrepreneurship strengthening of the region, seeking always to create qualified jobs to the largest possible number of inhabitants of the department, as the main generator of wealth, and therefore to improve the quality of life of Antioquia, from the creation of virtuous circle of training (education in all forms) - job creation - increased export of products and services of excellent quality - increased productivity by generating high competitiveness of the region - GDP growth - poverty reduction - collective prosperity of all Antioquia and therefore an obvious improvement of the quality of life of the population of Antioquia and economic well-being shared by the entire population.

Living Lab relevant value chains and which parts of the value-chains our LL supports. Recalling that the Living Lab are involved companies, unions, universities, research centers, technology parks, regional government entities and municipalities, civic organizations, various institutions, among others, one must understand that is generating an undetermined number of value chains, daring to think that would be all the more common and generate new strings from management innovation and the appropriation and use of ICT as an instrument of Open Innovation, and the appropriation of Science, Technology and Innovation in the nine (9) subregions of Antioquia, with support from the national government (Colciencias).

However, it is expected that initially there will be more value chain with support activities, which primary activities of production or logistics. Specifically these value chains are in several of the actors in our Living Lab.

Some important value chains that are within the specific objectives of the Living Lab 'Antioquia, Departamento del Conocimiento' are:

1. Knowledge Management,

2. Innovation,

3. Information Management,

4. Process Management: Operations and Support,

5. Development and management of content and applications,

6. Information and technology,

7. Organizational culture,

8. Research,

9. Marketing,

10. Technology integration,

11. Socialization,

12. Training, Awareness and Socialization,

13. Creating a culture of research and Innovation,

14. Generation of Entrepreneurship,

15. Strengthening entrepreneurship,

16. Strengthening Comprehensive training,

17. Development vision and strategies,

18. Design of products and services,

19. Relationship management,

20. Improvement and change management,

21. Economic and Financial Management Resources,

22. ICT infrastructure planning and CT+ I,

23. Computer Security, 

24. Design, Development and Expansion Project Management, 

 25. Identifying markets, 

26. External Relations Management,

27. Business improvement / control,

28. Development & Maintenance / Technology.

The Living Lab has a strong emphasis on Information and Communications Technologies, and accordingly, it should be noted that convergence in this sector of ICT enables new roles actors. Also, companies tend to be present in one or more elements of the value chain.

As shown in the image below1, there is a double virtuous circle that connects Technological Development of ICT, with the impact it has on the Development of Society. This effect is not direct but is mediated by boundary conditions (technological, commercial, regulatory, social and cultural), and is going adjusting as it changes the market realities and emerging technological options. These adjustments turn feed back into the system, imparting a boost both the supply side as the demand side.2

1Tomada del informe del proyecto “Identificación de las líneas de I+D en telecomunicaciones en Colombia”. CINTEL- COLCIENCIAS.

2Tomada del artículo “La cadena de valor de las TIC como Fuente de Innovación y Desarrollo Tecnológico” -Leonardo Pineda Serna PH.D, Cintel.

See more information in spanish, presented in the 4 wave of ENoLL in 2010.


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