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Open Innovation in Antioquia

Open Innovation in Antioquia

Escrito por: Francisco Javier Roldán Velásquez (@PaisdelSaber)

How our LL is committed to, and benefits from “openness”. The Living Lab 'Antioquia, Departamento del Conocimiento’ understands very well the philosophy of sharing, to teach all, to build together, solidarity, social responsibility of enterprises and the social role of government agencies as a premise for development. This is evidenced by all the actors of the "Institutional Network of Antioquia" in their mission, functions, principles and values. (see websites of the various institutions, companies and organizations that conform it). Therefore the commitment to facilitate openness is total, for philosophical reasons, principles and values. The Country of Knowledge Foundation as a manager and promoter of the Living Lab for example, is governed by values and principles which demonstrates its complete openness with the public in general. View Values and Principles of the Foundation.

In the philosophical framework "Colombia towards a Country of Knowledge", our Country of Knowledge Foundation, states that "To achieve a country of knowledge, it is very important that all of Colombian society unites in a joint multi-sector (based on ICT for Citizens benefit, as the focus of attention and actions of all these social actors) around the state that calls and promotes to the Academy (Education as the essence for the creation of knowledge) with universities and research groups, centers Technological Development and educational institutions both private and public, the production sector with its unions and businesses, civil society organizations such as associations, foundations, cooperatives, corporations, unions and all NGOs, and obviously the citizen, so that together can build "Digital Colombia, toward a Knowledge Territory". See 'Philosophical framework of the Country of Knowledge Foundation'

How it benefits the Living Lab 'Antioquia Depto del Conocimiento LL' Open Innovation Model? Is favored in the incremental benefit given under the basic principle of "unity is strength". It is the satisfaction of seeing how the new technologies are coming to population: vulnerable, the disadvantaged, displaced, demobilized, blacks, women-headed households, homeless children, among others, overcoming the digital divide. Finally, it is the satisfaction of feeling that with the Living Lab model, there is greater equity and more accomplished digital and social inclusion.

The IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) principles applied by our LL, and how this supports openness and LL capability and efficiency. The Living Lab 'AntioquiaDeptodelConocimientoLL' with respect to intellectual property is governed by Colombian law that is consistent with the agreement of the World Trade Organization - WTO, intellectual property (TRIPS). See website of the National Directorate of Copyright. However, in order to strengthen and expand the strategies that promote the generation of knowledge and skill development designed to encourage a spirit to the artistic, cultural, scientific and technological, the Colombian government launched the Bases of an Action Plan for the adequacy of the Intellectual Property System to Competitiveness and National Productivity.

According to the above guidelines, the opening is not affected and instead creates a very flexible framework for the development of the objectives of the Living Lab 'AntioquiaDeptodelConocimientoLL', enabling the democratization and broad participation, in the open innovation model and no detrimental effect on their capacity and efficiency.

How open our LL is for new investors/partners and the principles applied. The Living Lab 'Antioquia, Departamento del Conocimiento' in its essence is and will be open to participation by all, whether investors or domestic or foreign partners and in particular the participation in the broader sense, according to the philosophical foundations that inspires us to collectively create a Country of Knowledge, among all Colombians.

The following are the principles that apply in the Living Lab:

  1. Teamwork,
  2. The common good prevail over individual interests,
  3. Cooperation and Community Involvement,
  4. Consistency between thinking, saying and acting,
  5. Creativity and Open Innovation,
  6. Strength and Leadership,
  7. Sense of belonging,
  8. Solidarity and Partnership,
  9. Arrangment,
  10. Quality in action,
  11. Sense of Belonging,
  12. Respect for municipal autonomy,
  13. Transparency, Responsibility and Commitment,
  14. Confidence,
  15. Service Orientation,
  16. Discipline, dedication and loyalty,
  17. Tolerance,
  18. Justice and equity,
  19. Promoting enterprise and entrepreneurship,
  20. Responsibility to society and the environment,
  21. Honesty and Integrity and
  22. Environmental Care.

How our LL uses media/channels (web etc) for public visibility, communication and interaction. The media are crucial to successful socialization and awareness of the Living Lab 'AntioquiaDeptodelConocimientoLL' to achieve the highest level of public visibility. Several members of the 'Institutional Network of the Department of Antioquia' have enormous strengths in the media. The Government of Antioquia and several universities have their own radio stations covering the entire department. In addition to this there is a wide network of community radio stations that disseminate information of Department of Knowledge at the time. But it highlights, that the Government of Antioquia and the Municipality of Medellin have their own TV channels open, covering the entire department (from Medellin for the entire department comes via cable TV): See websites Teleantioquia and Telemedellin.

For the interaction with users, highlights the wide experience in Social Networks Knowledge Foundation's country and some of its members, such as:

  1. Country of Knowledge Foundation (YouTube Chanel 1)
  2. Country of Knowledge Foundation (YouTube Chanel 2)
  3. Country of Knowledge Foundation (YouTube Chanel 3)
  4. Colombia Country of Knowledge in Facebook (+8.600) 
  5. Campaña 'Colombia2025':
  16. The Knowledge Factory
  17. Nodrizza
  18.  Agro 2.0 

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