viernes, 7 de enero de 2011

Membership Motivation

Membership Motivation

Escrito por: Francisco Javier Roldán Velásquez (@PaisdelSaber)

We have taken as a Living Lab pilot the Department of Antioquia, with 9 subregions and 125 municipalities.

The Antioquia Department its capital Medellín and our organization, the Country of Knowledge Foundation are prepared to structure, implement and consolidate the project of Living Lab 'Antioquia, Department of Knowledge’ (including the City of Medellin and its Metropolitan Area with 'Medellín, International City of Knowledge') as the largest appropriation model of Science and Technology in the country and Latin America, to be a Territory of Knowledge, through intensive, productive and efficient use of ICT as an instrument of Open and Colaborative Innovation.

As a member of European Network of Living Labs, ENoLL, we want to share experiences, knowledge and methodologies with the existing Network of Living Labs around the world through national and international collaborative work, involving all actors of society in the Department of Antioquia, with a joint organized multisectoral between the State, the productive sector, academia and civil society organizations, by highlighting the direct and collective participation of citizens, as the basis of a Living Lab model.


We hope to receive knowledge of the methodologies of the open innovation that is generated in this network by co-participation of all Livings Labs. With our Living Lab we want to participate in the development of open architecture, in the management in research and innovation, in the incubation of joint projects, together with our European partners and co-founding members (The Territories of Tomorrow Foundation, European Network Digital Cities and the European Association of Arts, Education and New Technologies - ARENOTECH). 

The contribution that 'AntioquiaDeptodelConocimientoLL' make to ENoLL, lies in sharing the experience of the implementation of multisectoral coordination model, with which it is put into motion a great "Territory of Knowledge" with 6 million population, involving 125 municipalities with its political, social and cultural dynamics, for a positive and unprecedented transformation, in a context of enormous social problems, marked by violence, corruption, drug trafficking, guerrillas, paramilitaries and more recently environmental disasters, with a wave of torrential rain, that has left more than 2 million Colombians victims, and for that reason we are looking to this pilot as a model for other countries and developing regions, but also a reality of social and economic transformation, not only from our Department of Antioquia and its subregions, but also for Colombia.

Given the characteristics of the Living Lab, its scale, and the diversity of actors involved in the Living Lab in all regions of the Department of Antioquia, we can share experiences in the areas of co-creation, co-design, exploration, experimentation and evaluation. Also, our Living Lab can participate in virtually all work groups, but if we want to emphasize in particular this Thematic Sub Groups: 1. Social Innovation. Social Inclusion; 2. Thematic Tourism. Culture Services; 3. Regional, Territorial and Rural Development of Smart Regions, and 4. Security.

Our Country of Knowledge Foundation plans to effectively enforce ENoLL joining after June this year, a process that would be accelerated with the certification of 'Antioquia Departamento del Conocimiento' as a member of ENoLL. 

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